Our Company

We are an asset-based carrier headquartered in Chicago Illinois and an additional terminal in Portland, OR. Our assets aren’t only the trucks we drive it is each individual member in every department. We strive to provide superior service every step of the way as it is what we are built on. We build customer relationships and put forth the effort to make them last as this is the lifeblood of our business. We have authority to operate throughout the 48 states and have a growing fleet of tractors and trailers. With a mission to continually improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint we look forward to doing what we love every day. Our core principals have been the most important factors and they will continue to be instrumental in the future growth of United Shippers Inc.


United Shippers started as small business with couple of employees and a deeply rooted core of principles. As we continued to grow our values didn’t change but only improved, this is part of our success. Each team member is a valuable asset that can be given the chance to improve and grow through our trainings and peer management. We believe that if we invest in our assets and stick to our core principles we will outpace our competition and stay ahead!

Our Core Principles

Open Door Policy

Caring Community

Growth & Advancement

Your voice matters and we rely on our team members to voice their opinions and concerns to all levels of management! This policy has allowed us to improve our day to day operations and improve as a whole.

Each employee is a valuable asset in our company. Each member plays a vital role and without each member the company would not be what it is today. We make each member feel valued and important through recognitions, awards, and festivities. YOU matter to us!

Opportunities to grow professionally are endless as we strive constantly to improve and allow you to continue to develop your skills and talents within all our departments. Every employee is given an opportunity to advance and grow professionally.


At United Shippers we take safety seriously. Each of our departments goes through safety training and safety meeting to keep up to date on the latest requirements the governing agencies impose. Each driver that gets behind the wheel is meticulously interviewed followed by an on-road examination. We have a set of guides that helps us decide whether a driver will meet our safety needs before they are employed. In addition, each driver is to go through a safety training course where they are to shown training videos and written material followed by an exam. We understand that each tractor and trailer has the capacity to do significant harm if the driver is not properly trained or vetted. Our company prides itself on accident-free miles and the training courses we have in place. We trust each driver that is behind the wheel and are proud of their safety commitments they make. 


Chicago, Illinois

Portland, Oregon

Equipment We Run

Taking care of our equipment to ensure no delays due to failures or breakdowns allows us to keep moving forward. Managing and updating our fleet every several years allows us to be in close relationships with Freightliner, Kenworth, Volvo, Peterbilt, and International dealers that provide us with the best semi-tractors.

Our company trailers are either Air-Ride equipped or standard dry van depending on the needs of the shipper. With options to choose from, we are able to provide solutions. Just like our trucks our dry van trailers get serviced in-house and maintained to prevent breakdowns and delays. Working with Hyundai and Wabash we are able to provide you with fresh equipment!