Our Benefits

Open Door Policy

Your voice matters and we rely on our team members to voice their opinions and concerns to all levels of management! This policy has allowed us to improve our day to day operations and improve as a whole.

Growth & Advancement

Opportunities to grow professionally are endless as we strive constantly to improve and allow you to continue to develop your skills and talents within all our departments. Every employee is given an opportunity to advance and grow professionally.

Caring Community

Each employee is a valuable asset in our company. Each member plays a vital role and without each member the company would not be what it is today. We make each member feel valued and important through recognitions, awards, and festivities. YOU matter to us!

Holiday Time Off & Pay

New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are paid holidays that means its paid time off and a chance to relax!

Insurance Plans

Take care of yourself and your family with our group health insurance plans. We provide Dental, Vision, and Health plans as we believe in your well-being!

Paid Time Off

You’ve worked and you’ve earned it. Enjoy paid time off whether it’s at the beach or a personal day. The longer you are a part of the team the faster your paid days off accumulate. So, don’t be afraid to stick around!

Weekly Direct Deposits

With direct deposits, you no longer have to see our accountants to get paid. The streamlined process guarantees money in your bank account every week! 

Safety Bonuses

Your ability to safely get from point A to point B is important to us and we value and praise each member that maintains safe practices and accident free days

Performance Bonuses

Every 6 months our company participates in performance reviews in order to reward individuals who are exceedingly striving to fulfill their job requirements and go above and beyond!