Our fleet is powered by more Freightliner Cascadia trucks, the most reliable trucks produced by Freightliner. Designed for regional hauling and built for the long haul, the Cascadia combines aerodynamic design and weight-saving materials with the latest in engine technology to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and payload capacity. With onboard GPS tracking and vehicle maintenance, we receive real-time location updates and information to prevent breakdowns and downtime. And safety isn’t an issue because all trucks are equipped with active brake assist, lane assist, and side guard assist, keeping our safety rating high and delivery satisfaction higher!

Dry Van Trailers

Our fleet of dry vans is powered by 2017 or newer 53-foot trailers. Equipped with Air Ride Suspension systems, ABS for greater stopping power and E-Track Trailer Systems for enhanced and improved cargo control, our dry vans are washed and cleaned between all deliveries and pickups and consistently evaluated and maintained for small damages to prevent rejection of loads. These exceptional trucks require minimal livery to maintain a professional look on the road.

Refrigerated Trailers

All reefer trailers are 2015 or newer ThermoKing optimized for precision temperature control, ideal for strict temperature-controlled cargo. Equipped with tracking and an onboard monitor and cargo analyzer, our reefers are inspected after each trip to assure no errors or issues occur to cargo during transportation. Maintained between each use, our reefers are clean and ready when needed.


Equipped with e-Track systems for cargo control and the latest securement and locking methods our containers meet high standards for cargo theft prevention. The high cube style adds greater shipping capacity and they are ideal for intermodal services.



We believe innovation and technology allows us to progress and continually improve. With our state of the art technology and dedicated team members we are able empower each customer and broker we work with. We use our networks to help our customers manage their goods most efficiently throughout supply chains. Innovative technology such as real-time GPS tracking, remote controlled temperature operations and much more can be found in many of our assets.