We understand the dangers of our industry and we make tremendous efforts to ensure our drivers and team members stay safe and work in a manner that keeps everyone around from harm’s way. From warehouse members to drivers we continually remind and educate our teams on the importance of safety. Thanks to our Safety Professionals and our implemented programs that reward safe drivers and safe team members we have been able to reduce our job-related injuries and accidents! Our programs include:


  • Driving Fundamentals
  • Monthly Driver Safety Meetings
  • Hands-On Experience
  • Safety & Accountability
  • Violation Prevention Methods
  • Video Simulations and Seminars
  • Strict Compliance Measures


Sustainability and high regard to the environment is not only a part of the company but also a part of each team member. Our approaches strive to reduce the carbon blueprint as we believe it is not only the right thing to do but also ethically important in doing good business. Operating sustainably has allowed us to refine our methods and do more with less! Our methods have lead us to new unique relationships and partnerships which we are proud of.

The SmartWay partnership is an innovative collaboration between the U.S. EPA and the freight industry to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution. United Shippers takes this commitment seriously.

We take initiatives in these areas and strive to make substantial improvements within our fleet and spaces we operate from!

  • Automatic Transmission in Tractors
  • Improvement of Aero Dynamics in Tractors
  • Improvement of Aero Dynamics in Trailers
  • Driver Equipment Training
  • Auxiliary Power Units on Tractors
  • Weight Reduction Strategies
  • Improved Service Intervals
  • Advanced Fuel Filtration for Increase MPG
  • Tractor Speed Management
  • Company Wide Recycling Efforts (Oil, Paper, Tires, Filters)
  • Fuel Efficient Tires of All Axles
  • Warehouse Skylights to Decrease Electricity Usage
  • Timer Controlled Facility Lighting